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Perú Moda Deco 2023 opens its doors to promote a more sustainable industry

LIMA, Peru--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Perú Moda Deco celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special edition on October 19 and 20, 2023, titled In harmony with the world.

Peruvian dance
Colourful Peruvian fabrics

Since its launch, Peru's leading apparel and decoration business event has served as an exceptional platform to showcase to the world the best exports of this Peruvian industry, including cotton and alpaca clothing, baby and children’s clothes, as well as footwear, jewelry, and decorations and gifts.

Like every year, Perú Moda Deco will open its doors to industry professionals from all over the world who wish to discover the wide range of quality Peruvian products on offer and to establish valuable business relationships as they immerse themselves in a world of innovation, culture and trends. 200 businesses from different Peruvian regions will take part in this edition.

As it turns 25, Perú Moda Deco shines the light on the richness and sustainability of Peruvian natural resources, promoting garments and products made with original materials, such as cotton and alpaca fibers - the latter originating from the Southern regions of the country, including Arequipa, Cusco and Puno.

Trade show
As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, Perú Moda Deco 2023 opens its doors to the global apparel and decoration industry. (Photo: Business Wire)

The event - organized by PROMPERÚ, the Peruvian agency for the promotion of exports - will feature different elements to promote cooperation and a collective effort to build an offering with a stronger commitment to the environment and social change. Attendees will be able to take in all that Perú Moda Deco has to offer through international conferences, business forums, activation events, and networking opportunities.

The event highlights the respect for and the value placed on ancestral techniques, which combined with innovation and creativity lead to ground-breaking offerings that follow market trends, and to products that stand out for their excellent finishes and attention to detail.

These activities enable Peru to promote actions that create an ethical industry - where nature and supply chain players can live together in harmony.

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Photo: Business Wire

To register for Perú Moda Deco 2023, contact PROMPERÚ's business office in your country and/or go to:


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