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Redro: Defining the Future of Fashion with AI

Redro launches a cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to redefine how trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts discover and explore fashion and style.

Redro App
People want instant discovery of the fashion they see, online and IRL. Redro turns real-time fashion into shoppable looks powered by AI.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a groundbreaking move that reshapes the front-end of fashion retail, a team of seasoned leaders in fashion, venture, tech, and marketing have unveiled their latest release: Redro. An AI platform that turns visuals into style advice and shoppable creator content, aiming to guide fashion enthusiasts in finding the right style powered by a non-judgmental, fashion-savvy AI.

The team behind Redro recognizes that people want to shop with visuals and do so instantly. The discovery tool delivers a new retail platform that serves as both a personalized retail experience and a personal stylist, solving the front-end of fashion retail in the age of artificial intelligence.

"With Redro, we are not just introducing a tool; we are introducing a revolution in the fashion industry," said Elijah Kim, CEO of "Our platform does more than just suggest styles—it understands them, leveraging AI to make fashion more accessible and personalized than ever before."

Creators want to monetize their sense of style with as little effort possible. As part of the retail experience, creators can seamlessly and automatically monetize their content through smart AI features. The convergence of an AI-driven user experience and the integration of human-made inspirational content is another step in the right direction to create the future of online commerce.

Combining decades of experience with a bold vision for the future, Redro represents a daring leap into an AI-driven user experience for those who seek original fashion for any occasion.

Redro’s key functionalities include:

  • Uploading any fashion/clothing image and instantly shopping the look.

  • Leverage your phone camera to take pictures of street styles you encounter IRL (i.e. during fashion week), shop windows, magazines, or even yourself, and start shopping or creating new looks right away!

  • Shop creator/influencer looks (verified creators just have to upload their look and Redro AI makes it shoppable for all app users, instantly).

  • Focus on your wardrobe favorites and generate new looks by visualizing them with our generative AI.

Redro is here to transform the way you explore, shop, and celebrate fashion. Let’s go. For more information regarding Redro App, please visit or find it at the app store

Redro: Discover fashion as it happens, with the power of AI.

The Team Behind Redro:

Elijah Kim is a visionary entrepreneur with a storied history in the fashion industry. His innovative approach caught the attention of industry giants, leading to the acquisition of the FATE (Fashion, Art, Tech, Entertainment) platform by the prestigious Boston Consulting Group (BCG). With a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity, Elijah is shaping the future of fashion for a new generation of consumers.

Roel De Jong stands as a vetted pioneer in the realms of fashion, technology, and media with over two decades of experience. . Distinguished by his exceptional thought leadership, Roel was handpicked by the Gucci Group for a worldwide educational initiative, sharing his profound expertise in storytelling within the digital domain. His collaborations with premier brands like Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger (PVH), Footlocker, and the CFDA have not only showcased but elevated his revolutionary content-to-commerce technologies.

Temoc Gonzalez is a pioneering force at the intersection of fashion, technology, and digital marketing, boasting a distinguished career that spans over two decades. With a multicultural background, he brings a valuable perspective to his projects, making him a sought-after collaborator for brands aiming to connect authentically with diverse audiences.

He co-founded Sincerely Jules and Shop Sincerely Jules in 2007 and has led branding and social media campaigns for notable brands such as Casamigos Tequila, Paige Denim, Anine Bing, RTA, and Raquel Allegra.

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