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StyleScan’s Innovative Virtual Outfitting and Styling Software Aims to Elevate Small Fashion Brands


Los Angeles (July, 5, 2023) –– Originally exclusively available to B2B subscribers, StyleScan is thrilled to announce its AI-powered styling software is now available in the Shopify App Store. StyleScan Studio is a plug-in available to all Shopify users, with the option to upgrade to Premium access and create an unlimited amount of digitally dressed model images. This process significantly reduces costs while accelerating the photo production process for retail brands.

StyleScan also recently partnered with LOOK, a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software platform, simplifying collaboration between creative departments and streamlining production operations. By integrating StyleScan’s ESG-compliant software, manufacturing processes are optimized and textile waste is reduced, ultimately fostering brand commitment to sustainable practices. The company’s social initiative focuses on nurturing young creatives, and through their Student Sponsorship program, StyleScan provides free Studio licenses to thousands of students. Their goal is to inspire and empower the next generation of creative minds.

StyleScan Studio is versatile and can be used for apparel, accessories, jewelry, and footwear designs. The process is simple: users drag and drop their product images into the app and digitally dress a model from the growing model database or upload their own model photos. Within minutes, images are ready for e-commerce platforms, social media, and other marketing channels. StyleScan Studio is the key to elevating emerging brands in the fashion industry, taking them to new heights. The software’s technical features continue to expand and become more sophisticated, with exciting updates available soon. In the next version of Studio, the AI-powered software will introduce a groundbreaking new capability: generating a digitally dressed model with any chosen background. This revolutionary feature not only enhances creative control, but also sets the perfect scene for any virtual photoshoot.

Businesses utilizing StyleScan Studio have seen sales increase by 138% and consumer engagement by 47%. “Now that StyleScan is available on Shopify, this will be a game changer and huge support for new emerging brands who do not have financial resources to orchestrate an elaborate photoshoot to showcase their designs,” says CEO/Founder Larissa Posner. StyleScan remains dedicated to advances in sustainability, inclusivity, and bringing efficiency to marketing, merchandising, and manufacturing. This is just the beginning!

AI Virtual Try-on Tool
Photo courtesy of StyleScan

About StyleScan:

StyleScan is a groundbreaking virtual outfitting and styling technology transforming the fashion industry. The team of expert computer scientists and veteran fashion executives developed the leading AI application that specializes in virtually dressing real people. Now, fashion companies can digitally generate images of models wearing their merchandise by uploading product photos or 3D design files. The software also provides a constantly-expanding database of real model images to choose from. Along with being the solution to manufacturing, merchandising, and marketing, anyone can use StyleScan’s innovative tool to create personalized, virtually styled looks with their own images. Using StyleScan streamlines operations, enhances creativity, and contributes to more sustainable practices, ultimately benefiting the industry as a whole.

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