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When it comes to fashion, there is nothing more sophisticated than French haute couture - an ultimate symbol of luxury made with extreme attention to detail.

Alexis Mabille, an official member of The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, is one of the most interesting designers who is very skilful at mixing various influences together and creating one-of-the-kind contemporary looks. Known for his passion for style and beauty, Alexis offers a refreshing take on traditional elements and a concept of femininity. The final effect is mesmerising - chic, precisely cut designs with a sporty-chic attitude and cosmopolitan allure.

Let's have a closer look at the Spring/Summer 2023 collection presented at the Haute Couture Week on January 24, 2023 in Paris.


Model wearing haute couture
Large blouse crafted from turquoise blue duchess satin and draped into a hood shape. Mini-skirt in gold sequins. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)
Black model wearing an elegant gold gown
Long draped dress, asymmetrical neckline, in gold coated jersey. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)
Model wearing long sarong dress and creative makeup
Long sarong dress: gold coated lace top, draped skirt crafted from gold coated jersey. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)

As gold continues to be one of the most sought-after colours of 2023, Alexis Mabille collection features unique colour combinations and plays with contrasting textures to create a perfect balance between sophistication and natural casual attitude. Bold silhouettes and eye-catching shapes combine soft femininity with a strong and powerful image.

Alexis Mabille woman is not only elegant and glamorous but also confident and proud of who she is - those personality traits we are all aiming for. Colourful makeup (done by Lloyd Simmonds) and bold floral accessories add a playful, tropical touch.

Model wearing an embroidered top and red skirt
Corseted bra in red satin embroidered with flowers and sequins. Large sarouel pants in red crepe draped over the hips. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)
Model in a red dress
Long sheath dress with cut-outs in Ottoman red crepe, tied in the front and in the back. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)

With both sensual reds and various shades of pinks, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection offers a delightful mix of fashion looks suitable for many red carpets events and high-profile parties.

Elegant pink gown with bold gold accessories
Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)
Model wearing pink pants and green blouse
Blouse with large sleeves adorned with nest pleats in Veronese green duchess satin. Pants embroidered with scales in shades of rose. Alexis Mabille SS23 (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)

The "Colour-addict" collection is a beautiful reminder that life is about balance and that adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe may have a powerful, long-lasting effect.

Congratulations on a fantastic show in Paris! We can't wait to see what's coming next.

CREDITS: Make-up Lloyd Simmonds |Hair Beppe D'Elia for Beautick | Sound Emmanuel Caurel |Casting Coco Liscia | Location Christies's Paris (9 Av. Matignon) | Photos courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM

Fashion designer Alexis Mabille
French haute couture designer Alexis Mabille (Photo courtesy of Carlos Freixeda | OBCM)

Personal Note:

Years ago (in 2012 to be exact), I had a pleasure to interview Alex Mabille during French Couture Week in Singapore. We talked about his design process, favourite shopping spots in Paris, using new technologies in fashion, and his unique concept of the "cool luxury". You can read our exclusive interview here:

View previous haute couture collections on the official website:

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