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Move Over Y2K, Get Ready for ‘Comfortcore’

British Women Are Prioritising Comfort More Than Ever, but Not at the Expense of Style

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--British women are prioritising comfort when planning their outfits this summer, with nearly 40% of respondents saying a good fit is front of mind. This is giving rise to a new fashion trend: Comfortcore.

Comfortcore is the new aesthetic of choice emerging from France and the UK. Not just sweatshirts and leggings - comfortcore is known for soft materials and easy-to-wear designs that deliver elegance while giving a feeling of being relaxed. It’s all about finding a balance with a fit, texture and fluidity that is still timelessly chic.

Comfortcore could solve Britain’s style dilemma, as just 14% of UK women are fully content with their current style and 69% are keen to know how to dress better for their shape and size, according to new YouGov research commissioned by creator-guided shopping platform, LTK.

LTK creator Mollie Campsie (molliecampsie) is an early advocate for this new trend, commenting: “Comfort is my number one priority, no exceptions! I can’t feel my best if I’m not comfortable. I want my outfits to get me through the day and be weather appropriate, fit properly and be made of soft fabrics. Anything else would just be a distraction.”

Simple elegance
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Another item that fits the Comfortcore trends is Crocs. The marmite shoe brand is particularly popular with Gen Z shoppers, with 24% of 16–24-year-olds styling out the comfortable footwear, compared to just 8% of respondents aged between 45-54.

While Comfortcore is growing in popularity nationally this summer, it has been especially dominant in the North-East of England where comfy jumpsuits are go-tos for 37% of the women there, versus the national average of 28%. Similarly, easy slip-on footwear, such as flip flops, are popular options in this region, with twice as many consumers (60%) planning to wear the summer slip-on compared to the national average (30%).

And, despite the ongoing economic squeeze, shoppers are ready to buy, with 45% planning to spend between £50 and £200 a month, while 19% plan to invest more than £200 on their summer wardrobe this year. Preloved fashion is also in demand, with 50% of respondents keen to buy second-hand clothes. But what items are hot and what are not, according to UK shoppers?

What’s hot? Fail-safe Comfortcore staples like maxi dresses are the main choice for 50% of shoppers, alongside trainers (74%) and sandals (70%), which continue to make the top of shopping wish lists.

What’s not? Eccentric, standout pieces are not a priority, with only a small minority of women planning to wear fringe dresses (3%), lace dresses (7%), and statement heels (8%) this summer.

Even trends like Y2K, previously dominating the fashion scene post-pandemic, are also dipping, with 90s aesthetic items like low-rise (9%) and flared (12%) jeans out in favour of a more comfortable wide-legged option (37%).

Casual look

Finding inspiration

British women are also calling out for more style guidance and inspiration, as 30% of women surveyed are eager to experiment with their wardrobe, while 23% want to explore bolder options when it comes to pattern, print, colour and accessories.

39% of respondents don’t want to spend time choosing an outfit and regularly leave the house without feeling well dressed. So it’s no surprise that social media has a huge role to play when it comes to fashion inspiration. LTK’s research found that people are almost twice as likely (14% versus 8%) to be inspired by influencers’ style over celebrities. And their influence further increases over celebrities when it comes to beauty (20% versus 8%).

This inspiration has led to more items in the shopping trolley, with 42% of respondents buying an item they discovered through an influencer, with Londoners even more likely to be swayed, as the figure rises to 55% in the capital.

But many are still drawing grassroots inspiration from street style, with over a quarter (26%) citing this as a main source for new fashion ideas. Street style has remained relevant in the digital age with influencers tapping into their latest urban trends and bringing it into their own looks to connect with their followers in a relatable way.

Style expert and LTK creator, Lydia Tomlinson (lydiajanetomlinson), who regularly posts educational style content on her LTK shop, has shared her tips for building your wardrobe this summer:

  1. Invest in a few useful accessories; preferably pieces with a twist that bring some fun and personality to the outfit.

  2. Think carefully about fabrics. You don’t need to spend lots of money on pieces but look for natural fabrics as they’re a lot more breathable.

  3. I usually opt for white, wide-legged trousers for the evening. They always look chic and dressy but, at the same time, are comfy and practical. The beauty of white wide legs is that they’re versatile and can be styled with a range of tops and accessories for whatever mood you’re in!

  4. The ‘perfect fit’ is different for everyone. What matters most is that people feel comfortable with what they’re wearing, because comfort brings confidence. I would personally say though, if in doubt, go for something slightly looser than something that’s too tight. A slightly looser fit nine times out of ten is more flattering and effortless.

Fall fashion - Comfortcore
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*Research of 1,020 UK females was commissioned by YouGov Plc. in June 2023.

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