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Welcome to our new series! #TrendingNow

Every week, we will be bringing you some of the hottest #trendingtopics that appear on social media or in the news. Topics that everyone is talking about (or will start talking about soon) and that should be on your radar right now.

From latest technology news to trending conversation in marketing, fashion and travel, get ready for a weekly dose of exciting updates. All in one place.

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  • ChatGPT is definitely in the limelight right now. This auto-generative system created by Open AI is set to revolutionise the tech world. Read more below:

Further reading:

  • Learn more about other important technology trends that will shape our world this year:

  • Haute Couture Week in Paris always gains a lot of international attention. Here are the most interesting happenings so far:

  • Influencer Marketing continues to be in demand (and for a good reason):

  • More Social Media news & useful resources:

  • The way we live and work is constantly changing. 2023 will be another big year for the coworking industry:

  • And last but not least, a couple of business & travel updates:

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